World-Class Medical Care at Medical Centre

You will be treated well if you visit Adelaide Hills Medical Centre for an annual checkup or urgent treatment. The medical centre offers the latest physician care, medications, and equipment. While you’ll likely have to pay more for some services, the quality of care you receive is well worth the cost. So when you choose this medical facility, you’ll get quality care at a reasonable price. You’ll also be treated by a welcoming staff that can answer all your healthcare questions. Adelaide Hills medical centreDespite the space constraints at the medical centre, patients can expect quality care. Patients are greeted by friendly receptionists who can answer questions and discuss their medical condition with other staff members. There are also a variety of comfortable waiting areas with a wide range of magazines and newspapers. A patient can also ask for special accommodations for food or beverages in advance. The receptionists can also help those with special needs.

Doctors’ specialties at Adelaide Hills medical centre

The Adelaide Hills medical centre has a team of highly qualified doctors, including several GPs and specialists specialising in different fields. For example, Dr Lee Keng Tan is a GP and obstetrician. He completed his medical training at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and obtained the FRACS (Faculty of General Practice) designation. His interest lies in women’s health and managing pregnancy-related issues. Patients appreciate his warm and approachable manner. Likewise, Dr Shoba is a GP with a particular interest in geriatrics. He has completed his medical training in all tertiary hospitals in South Australia and is a member of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

General surgery is one of the main specialties at the Adelaide Hills medical centre, including craniomaxillofacial, orthopedic, and ENT surgeries. In addition, a team of dermatologists and oncologists will expand the existing multi-specialty team. Eventually, he hopes to add dermatology to the mix. The Adelaide Hills medical centre also provides a full range of services, including adult day care, hospice care, and medical office services.

The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre provides comprehensive healthcare to adults and children. There are many different specialties represented among its staff. There is a pulmonologist, a surgery department, a rehabilitation unit, and a maternity ward. The centre is also home to one of the most successful outpatient services in the area. The quality of medical care the doctors and staff provides makes it a practical choice for various conditions.

Cost of medical care at Adelaide Hills medical centre

Adelaide Hills Medical Centre offers various health services, including emergency care and pharmacy services. The staff members are highly qualified and experienced in their fields, and doctors at this practice can treat almost any medical condition. In addition, this hospital accepts most insurance plans and can accommodate patients of all income levels. The clinic also offers appointment scheduling to help patients find the right time for their visit. Read on to learn about the cost of medical care at this Adelaide Hills clinic.

The cost of medical care at Adelaide Hills Medical Centre depends on your circumstances. You can use Medicare, Health Care, or concession cards. If you are unsure whether your plan covers your visit, contact the centre’s receptionist at 7099 5320. The clinic charges a consultation fee for consumables, including medication and contraception. In addition, a consultation fee is charged for minor procedures, such as blood tests and some vaccines. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can discuss your needs with the clinician, but you will still need to pay for consumables.

The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is one of five primary health care facilities in South Australia. The hospital offers inpatient and outpatient medical care and is located on the former site of Stony Brook University Hospital. The hospital is one of the oldest medical schools in the state, having opened its medical school in 1898. The medical centre maintains an excellent ranking among leading hospitals throughout the state. Adelaide Hills Medical Centre accepts most types of insurance and has an efficient emergency room.