Is it Time For a Switchboard Upgrade?

If you live in an older home, it is probably time for a switchboard upgrade. It is a great investment because it can reduce fire hazards and prevent overheating, and prevent circuit breakers from tripping. However, the process can be expensive, and it is best to get an accurate quote from a local electrician before starting any work. Nevertheless, here are the reasons why it is worth the money. The most important benefit of this type of upgrade is its ability to protect your property from overheating and fire.

Investing in a switchboard upgrade is a good investment.

Mastin-Electrical switchboard upgradeMastin-Electrical switchboard upgrade is a worthwhile investment for your home and can save you considerable money on your energy bills. The average Australian household uses 30 kW of electricity each day, and that number can increase as you add more family members. So not only will an upgrade make your house safer, but it will also cut your energy bills by as much as 20%. So a modern, safe switchboard is vital to ensure your safety and comfort at home.

An outdated switchboard can no longer handle your home’s increased electrical demands. Over time, the circuit breakers and fuses may become ineffective and prone to blowing. Moreover, an outdated switchboard can cause overloads, causing the elements to melt and catch fire. Fortunately, this electrical equipment is easy to replace and won’t break the bank. However, before upgrading your switchboard, ensure that your power supply is working properly.

It prevents overheating

Upgrading switchboard components requires the use of the right materials. Replaceable wire switchboards are prone to overheating and are considered high-risk. As modern appliances are introduced into the home, fuses and circuit breakers will lose their effectiveness, leading to an overload of the entire system. Overheating and fire can also occur when switchboard components melt. Here’s how to avoid both problems.

Consumer mains

Most older houses were installed with an electrical switchboard with a maximum of 40A and a 6mm cable from the street. If you want to use larger appliances in your home, you’ll have to upgrade your consumer mains. Rewiring cables can lead to damaging and even dangerous overheating. Read on if you don’t understand the differences between these two types of switchboards.

It reduces the likelihood of circuit breakers tripping.

Overloaded circuits can trip circuit breakers. As a result, the circuit will overheat and put any appliances plugged into it at risk when this happens. The main purpose of circuit breakers is to protect your home from fire or damage to your appliances. To avoid circuit breakers tripping, ensure that you have enough circuits in your home and maintain them properly. If you experience regular circuit breaker tripping, take the following steps to prevent them from tripping:

If your circuit breakers are frequently tripped, you may have a problem that has caused the overload. A variety of factors can cause an overload. For example, loose or corroded wires can cause a short circuit in addition to a power surge. This short circuit will cause an arc, which can cause the circuit to overheat. If this happens, it can cause a major fire.

It improves safety

There are several reasons to upgrade your switchboard to a Mastin-Electrical switchboard upgrade. First, a newer switchboard can better manage your electricity load, and it will reduce the likelihood of circuit breakers tripping. Investing in a new switchboard is also an excellent way to increase the value of your home, as a new switchboard will not expose your property to dangerous materials like asbestos. It will also improve the overall condition of your home. As a result, you will be more appealing to buyers, and your property value will increase.

Newer switchboards also have safety switches. These devices automatically cut off electricity whenever an electrical fault is detected. They also protect your life and home from electrocution. Safety switches are a good investment for your home, and you’ll be glad you did! But how can you know if your switchboard has them? Find out more about safety switch protection and which type is right for you. The best way to upgrade your switchboard is to ask your electrician about these features.