Five of the Latest Trends in School Shoes

Regarding shoes for school, you don’t need to look far for the latest fashion trends. The latest trends that fashion girls adore this season are suede, glossy finishes, and retro-inspired styles. And what are these trends, and what will you need to wear them with? Read on to find out! Here are five of the latest trends for school shoes. And, don’t forget to shop for your child’s new school shoes on sale!

school shoesAnimal prints

While many different types of prints are available, animal prints are one of the most popular this season. Choose between leopard, snakeskin, cheetah, or zebra. Although these prints are sometimes daring, they look great when paired with sophisticated fabrics. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing animal prints on your school shoes, wear them with other animal-print accessories. In the classroom, animal prints can be worn to add an extra edge to any outfit.

Leopard print is a hot trend and is sure to be a long-term trend. However, tiger and zebra prints are still healthy options and have been on significant runways for a few seasons. Try an animal-print ankle boot or shoe for a fun and adventurous look. The possibilities are endless! And if you don’t like a leopard, try a snakeskin print or crocodile-look boot.


If you’ve ever been a fashionista, you probably know that suede is one of the most popular fashion materials for shoes and accessories. The suede is softer and more pliable than regular leather, made from the underside of an animal’s skin. But it’s also more delicate, so you should be extra careful not to damage suede shoes by getting too much water or spilling anything in them.

When cleaning suede school shoes, it’s best to avoid using chemicals. However, some cleaners are designed to help remove dirt from suede. In addition, a suede brush can be used to restore the grain to its original appearance. If the stain is too deep to remove with a brush, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. Suede shoes may be prone to stains, so it’s best to invest in a professional cleaner if they are too severe.

Glossy finish

School shoes’ shiny finish is a major spring 2019 trend. These shoes are incredibly versatile and add a touch of a la mode to even the most basic outfits. In addition to being practical, they are also very eye-catching. So whether you’re wearing your favourite jeans or a simple white shirt, these shoes are sure to make your outfit look more polished.

Slip-on sneakers combine comfort with an effortless aesthetic. These slip-on shoes are designed with a mesh upper and no visible seam; the colour of these shoes is dark charcoal, and they have a memory foam insole. They also have a lace-up Oxford sneaker style. The material used is flexible and nonmarking, making them perfect for school. They will also keep your child’s feet comfortable all day long.

Retro-inspired styles

If you’re a parent looking to dress up your child’s wardrobe, look no further than retro-inspired styles. Once considered cheesy, retro-inspired shoes are now a stylish choice. Many leading shoe brands have reaped the benefits of this trend. The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage is back, but this time in a more fashion-forward colourway. The resurgence of retro-inspired styles has led to various collaborations between top brands.


Although Crocs have been around for a while, the ’90s style has been resurrected by athletic companies. Many new releases have chunky silhouettes, bringing back memories of the decade’s fashion. The style first appeared in luxury fashion collections, such as those from Balenciaga, and Crocs have also been expanding its audience through collaborations with high-end designers.

The craze has continued to spread to younger consumers, as well. Crocs are now popular with teenagers, toddlers, and even grandparents! The company is constantly expanding its range of products, from neon-coloured sneakers to stylish sandals. Jibbitz, a fun little add-on for Crocs, are perfect for social sharing. The Crocs brand has reached millions and is making history by becoming the ‘new cool’ school shoes.